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  • Registration for Spring 2023 closes January 31, 2023! Indoor practices will begin the Monday after February vacation and will be at the NH Dome in Milford, NH.


Exactly what time your games will be, and where they will be, will not be known until a few weeks before the season starts. Typically, the younger kids play earlier in the day. However, that is not always the case. All girls home games are at Bishop Field. All boys home games are at Reed’s Ferry school. There are no games on Memorial Day weekend, but there are usually games on the weekends that bookend April vacation. If you know your athlete cannot be at any game, please let their coach know ASAP so they can plan accordingly.

April 8th  (Easter is Sunday April 9th, so opening day is a Saturday)

April 16

April 23

April 30

May 7

May 14

May 21


June 4

TOURNAMENT June 10-11th : Soughegan High School in Amherst, NH. (Each team is seeded based on their season record. From there, teams are placed into tiers. Each tier plays in a 4-hour window over the course of the weekend. Thus, we never know until a few days before the tournament exactly what day/time each team will play.) The idea behind this method is that the teams in each bracket SHOUD BE evenly matched, providing a competitive and enjoyable end to the season.

Registration Dates

Welcome to the Merrimack Youth Association Junior Tomahawks Lacrosse Registration!


The 2023 Spring Season Registration will be open until January 31st. Children in grades K-8 are eligible to play. Registration is open every year from November 1 - January 31. Our regular season runs from March-June.


Our FAQ Guide can be found under Documents.

Check back here often, and be sure to follow us on Facebook @MYALAXTomahawks.




Orders take approximately 4-6 weeks to be processed and delivered.

This store will remain open for anyone who needs to order all or portions of their uniform. The store also offers other optional items for everyone in the family to enjoy! 


Uniform Store(Click Here)

Boys need a custom reversible jersey AND custom shorts (sold separately).

Girls need a custom reversible jersey AND custom shorts (sold separately).*

Please note: Uniforms are no longer included in the registration fee and will be purchased separately. Please contact myalaxdirector@gmail.com with questions. 

**Returning players will have same number as last year. New player numbers will be assigned by the league

 *if you purchased a custom skirt for the 2022 season you do not need to purchase custom shorts and can continue to use that uniform for the 2023 season

Useful Links

Granite State Elite

NH Tomahawks Lacrosse


Premier Lacrosse League Academy



Merrimack Youth Lacrosse Facebook

ESPN Collegiate TV schedule

Dartmouth College

Adaptive Lacrosse Opportunity

The New Hampshire Youth Lacrosse Association (NHYLA) is pleased to announce the return of the adaptive lacrosse program in the state of New Hampshire.


US Lacrosse, in an effort to expand its diversity and inclusion goals, has developed guidelines for adaptive lacrosse programs. The adaptive lacrosse program is an opportunity for people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities to become involved with the game.


Our goal is to become a state “where diversity and inclusion are a fundamental part of the values and culture” of lacrosse in New Hampshire.


The program will be open to participants ages 10-21. This program offers a way for kids with physical and developmental disabilities to enjoy the sport in a non-competitive and adaptive environment. Coaches and organizational participants will emphasize teamwork, sportsmanship, and skill development on an age and ability appropriate basis. The program will be structured to have middle and high school lacrosse players from local community’s team up as a “partner” or “mentor” for each adaptive participant. These partner coaches will assist in adapting the skills and teaching methods to the needs of each participant’s ability and specific requirements. Equipment and rules will also be modified as necessary to meet participant’s needs while maintaining the overall fundamental lacrosse team experience.


Please contact Wayne Demers at wdemers@comcast.net for more information. The goal is to begin the season in early April.


INDOOR PRACTICE SESSIONS: All indoor practices are at the NH Dome: 34 Emerson Rd. Milford, NH

Finding indoor space in southern NH is hard. However, if our program did not invest in indoor time, the kids would likely not have any practice time prior to their first game. ***Please note, paying for this indoor time is where the large majority of our fundraising money goes to.***

The following dates are what we could secure for indoor practices this year. Unfortunately, the days are inconsistent. On each day there are 2 “sessions:” 5-6:30pm and 6:30-8pm. We cannot be sure which team will practice when until we know how many teams we have at each age group, and what coaches’ availability is. Please be patient.

3/6/2022 Monday 5-8 PM

3/13/2022 Monday 5-8 PM

3/16/2022 Thursday 5-8 PM

3/19/2022 Sunday 5-8 PM

3/20/2022 Monday 5-8 PM

3/23/2022 Thursday 5-8 PM

3/27/2022 Monday 5-8 PM

4/3/2022 Monday 5-8 PM

4/5/2022 Wednesday 5-8 PM

4/11/202 Tuesday 5-8 PM

4/13/2022 Thursday 5-8 PM


OUTDOOR PRACTICES: The town determines when we are allowed to be outside on the grass fields. We hope it will be in early April. Girls’ practices are at Bishop Field and boys’ are at Reeds Ferry School. You can expect your child to have 2 practices/week. Exactly what nights each team practices will depend on field availability and your coaches’ availability. Please remember that all coaches are volunteers. They are taking time out of their own very busy lives to support this program. Before you say anything negative about any coach, please take a moment and think about how many hours they are giving to you, your children, and this program.

21022/2023 Board Updates

Merrimack Youth Lacrosse

Board of Directors

Please welcome your MYA LACROSSE BOARD OF DIRECTORS for the 2022-2023 program year:

  •          Director - Jen Plant
  •          Asst. Director - Tim Burns
  •      Treasurer - Becky Hayes
  •      Program Admin - Bethany Smith
  •      Boys Coordindator - Chris Hickey
  •      Girls Coordinator - Paul Smith
  •         Instructional Coordinator - Ashley Coleman
  •      Fundraising Coordinator - Jackie Clancy
  •      Equipmant Manager - Shannon Stiles           
  •          Web Master - Ryan Melendy
  •      Members-at-Large - Jill Mitchell and Chris Toomey


Please contact us at myalaxdirector@gmail.com with questions.