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To register and for more information about our camps please visit our website www.IronPineLacrosse.com.

Dartmouth Lacrosse is excited to provide this opportunity for girls and boys to develop this summer! Thank you in advance for sharing within your organizations! Here is the information to forward along. There is a flier attached to this email.

Home Page: www.dartmouthsports.com

Camp Page: Iron Pine Lacrosse Camps

Our goal with GBC is to create a championship level environment for high academic student athletes with an all-encompassing event, by planting seeds for growth as an athlete, a student, and as a leader. The showcase will provide a platform for players to display their skills in front of college coaches from Divisions I, II, and III, as these coaches will be invited to serve as instructors and recruiters. At the end of camp, we want you to leave better than you arrived, taking invaluable lessons away from camp, regardless of how much you are recruited. Simply getting a look is not the goal, we want you to challenge yourself, we want you to become Great By Choice!


This camp will be a great opportunity to see what being a Student Athlete at Dartmouth is all about. During camp, you will work and interact with the entire Dartmouth Men’s coaching staff, as well as current members of the team, stay in the dorms on campus, while also eating and training in the same facilities as Dartmouth student athletes. All this, while affording our staff the opportunity to learn more about you as a person and player within the highly competitive showcase format.